Saturday, April 20, 2013


Our remodeling is done and we're open again! We've not only got a new look but a few new products and added some new security measures to add more protection for your information. We also now accept major credit cards right on our site.

bikers love double d cycles
Bikers Love Double D Cycles

Please stop by and give us an honest opinion of what you think of the new look!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Biker or Motorcyclist?

In a motorcycle forum today, a discussion developed around the use of the word "biker". A lot of the folks seemed turned off by the word "biker" preferring to be referred to as a "motorcyclist". Some stated that the word is "a rather crude descriptive term, sometimes crass, and almost always viewed negatively."

While it's true that the stereotypical "outlaw biker" may come to the minds of the non-riding public and I applaud these folks for trying to change public perception, I've never been one to run away from mere words.

My response to them:

"Very true that it's sad that such a simple word can evoke such a range of feelings and perceptions from the non-riding public."

"I have no problem using the word or being referred to as a biker. I think it more aptly describes the connection I have with my bike and the deep feelings I have about riding."

"Plus it's kind of fun to describe myself as a biker and then see the confusion in people's faces when I blow the stereotype that they have in their minds." 

So, what are you? A biker or a motorcyclist?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We're Remodeling

We're excited to announce that we're remodeling the Double D Cycles online store! 

It will be back in about a week with a brand new look! But even more than just a fresh coat of paint, we'll be adding a lot of new features to make your shopping experience not only more smooth but much more secure. 

Please stay tuned!