Monday, February 1, 2016

The Van Buren Sisters: Paving the Way for Women and Motorcycles

Women in the Wind

Women didn't even have the right to vote yet when the Van Buren sisters set out on their transcontinental journey in 1916. But Gussie and Addie Van Buren had more courage and guts than most men of the day when they began their trip from New York to California. A trip that started on July 4th with them arriving in Los Angeles on September 8th after traveling 5,500 miles over hazardous roads. These were the days before the interstate superhighways and much of the journey on their pair of Indian motorcycles had to endure riding through mud and washed out roadways.
Gussie Addie Van Buren women motorcylists
The Van Buren sisters on their transcontinental motorcycle journey in 1916

Celebrating Women & Motorcycling

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the Van Buren sisters' epic solo journey on their motorcycles. In honor of these courageous young ladies and to celebrate the female motorcycling heroines of the past, the Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride will be following the Van Buren sisters' 1916 route. Primarily following the Lincoln highway across the United States from New York to San Francisco, it will combine scenic routes and major metropolitan areas allowing for great riding as well as promoting female motorcycling role models. All makes and models of bikes (as well as men) are invited. 

To learn more about the amazing Van Buren sisters as well as the Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride happening this summer, check out their website by clicking the logo below:
Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride
Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride

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