Saturday, June 29, 2013

Do You "Love" Your Bike?

Does your motorcycle have a name?

There are many of us that have a deep affection towards our motorcycles.  I know, to the non-rider it seems a little strange to have an "affection" towards a mechanical object. It's kind of like loving your can opener or taking your hair blow dryer on a date. Yet a lot of us who ride feel a deep emotional connection to our scoots. It's just another one of those things that you can't explain but you feel it if your a motorcyclist. Can you explain it?
D-Day and my soul-riding partner "Dixie"

Another strange thing that a lot of us do is name our motorcycles. My Wide Glide's name is "Dixie". There's no huge story behind the name. I just liked it. She was so beautiful and sexy with all her curves that she just seemed like a sweet Southern gal to me and "Dixie" seemed to fit. Does your motorcycle have a name? And if so, how did you come to naming it that?


  1. Yes, I do love my bikes, and I have named every bike I have ever owned. It is a very deep, and personal relationship. We have shared so much together. From riding in the mountains on hot summer days, to riding in sub-freezing temps with snow all around. I don't try to explain it beyond saying that each bike has it's own personality, and it may take a while for her name to attach itself. Or, like the bike I ride now, it may only take a moment or two. Gypsy Rose is truly like my mistress; always there when I need her, bringing me pleasure and relief, and it it up to me to care for her in the manner she deserves.

    1. Thanks for weighing in on the topic 8 Ball!

      I can tell that you get it. Ride free.