Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: Love Em or Hate Em?

Sons of Anarchy gets mixed reviews

Well, it looks like the motorcycle bad boys of Charming are going to be back for another season. Wearing their perfectly matching outfits of KD's sunglasses and leather vests (except for Jax who dons his white tennis shoes), they'll undoubtedly roll back into another season of high drama. But is the show realistic? And does it really matter?

Sons of Anarchy motorcycle biker club

I've been to a lot of motorcycle forums where the posts are so scathing that some of the folks could probably get locked up for "hate speech". There's a lot of haters out there. I've seen everything from "What a bunch of fake posers!" to people making the comments of "A real M/C would never do that!". But let's look at it for what it really is: a television show.

A Soap Opera with Motorcycles

Granted, if you're looking for a peek inside a real motorcycle club, watching the Sons of Anarchy probably isn't going to get you there. And if you watch the show with a critical eye shouting at the TV screen about every little thing that isn't realistic, you probably shouldn't watch the show. It's not supposed to be realistic folks. It's a television drama.

So let's call the show for what it really is: It's a soap opera with motorcycles in it. Nothing more. It's never claimed to be realistic. It's just another television drama like The Sopranos, ER or Lost. Yet, I've never heard anyone ever scream about how those shows are "fake".

So, what do you think? Love em or hate em?

And does it really matter?


  1. Love love love the show! Of course it's not real! It's TV! And it's not even billed as a 'reality show'! LOL! I can't wait for it to start again!

    1. Thanks for commenting Ann! Love the show too!

      Exactly, it's TV! Some folks just can't get past the "It's not real!" mentality and just enjoy it though.

  2. HATE the crap. I have been riding for a LONG time, since before the "Welcome Bikers" signs were out. I remember going into places and not being welcomed because I rode a motorcycle, and I remember when bikers used to fight for the movie makers to stop portraying bikers as killers and thugs.This crap is the exact crap that makes "civilians" think biker clubs are all criminals. Stop supporting crap that damges the lifestyle.

    1. Thanks for putting in your two-cents Smooth.

      I thought about the exact point that you bring up. Do you think there's really that many folks who watch the show that are non-riders that we need to worry about the image?

      My big problem is with all the merchandise crap that they sell. Some "newbie" puts a SOA 3-piece patch on his back because he thinks it's cool. Bad idea! I know some MC's think it's a joke and just laugh at the newbies for being so stupid. But there are some Clubs that aren't so tolerant and end up "schooling" the idiot who's wearing the SOA gear.

  3. I like the show. But you're exactly right; it's television. If I want reality I'll call my Mother.

    I lived with 1%ers as a kid and I've seen into that lifestyle. My father has long since passed away and so have many of his brothers. The lifestyle has changed somewhat, I'm sure. But it was never that dramatic. My father and his friends wanted to be under the radar, not draw attention and be left alone. The show is unrealistic in that manner. They had no ambitions to "run a town".

    I enjoy the show. There are aspects that are realistic. The devotion to one another, the rough living, and some of the "dark" activities. But that's really about it.


    1. Thanks for your input Sash! And for your personal insight into the 1% world.

  4. Thanks for the sharing but i personally hate that type of shows.

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