Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy 100th Birthday T-Shirt

We carry a handful of men's T-shirts and women's tops because we know how much the T-shirt is a huge part of the biker's wardrobe. We wear them to affiliate ourselves with a certain club or riding group and even proudly advertise our favorite motorcycle brand across our chests. They become part of our identity and who we are.

The T-shirt celebrates its 100th birthday this year so we thought we'd give you the history of this simple yet personal and much loved article of clothing.

US Navy issues first t-shirt in 1913
US Navy issues first T-shirt in 1913
1913: Launching an Icon

US Navy issues crewneck T-shirts to be worn under uniforms.  An American icon is born.

t-shirt included in dictionary
T-shirt hits the dictionary

1920: T-shirt Hits the Dictionary

The word “T-shirt” is officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The definition of T-shirt is a collarless short-sleeved or sleeveless usually cotton undershirt; also: an outer shirt of similar design.

Students start stealing T-shirts
Students start stealing T-shirts

1932: Making it Fashionable

Students steal T-shirts from their own football team when the University of Southern California prints “Property of USC” on the athletes’ workout clothes.

Clark Gable shirtless
Clark Gable Drops the T-shirt
1934: Hollywood Drops the Tee

Men everywhere follow Clark Gable’s lead in It Happened One Night. After revealing his bare chest, T-shirt sales plummet 75%.

Life magazine cover features printed T-shirt
Life magazine features printed tee
1942: Landing a Magazine Cover

The Air Corps Gunnery School logo is featured on one of the earliest printed T-shirts for the July 13th cover of LIFE magazine.

first political T-shirt Dewey
The first political T-shirt
1948: The First Political T-shirt

New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey’s campaign presses “Dew-it-with-Dewey” for the 1948 presidential election.

Marlon Brando T-shirt
Marlon Brando Gives Tees a Boost in Popularity
1951: Hollywood Boosts the Tee

The T-shirt gains popularity as an outer garment after heartthrob Marlon Brando wears one in A Streetcar Named Desire.

tie-dyed t-shirt woodstock
Tie-Dyed Shirts Were Groovy
1969: T-shirts Get Tie-Dyed

1969’s Woodstock positions tie-dye T-shirts as the voice for one’s individuality and the emblem for the era.

Logo Becomes Symbol for "New" New York

1977: "I ♥ NY" Revitalizes City

In an almost eureka moment, designer Milton Glaser sketches “I NY” on a napkin and the logo appears on T-shirts soon after.

T-shirts as Protest
1984: T-Shirts as Protest

To overrule censoring of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood song “Relax,” label owner Paul Morley prints “FRANKIE SAY RELAX” on T-shirts.

hypercolor heat sensitive tee
Hypercolor T-shirt Rage

1991: Heat Sensitive Tees

The Hypercolor T-shirt, created in the ‘80s, reaches its all-time peak selling more than $50 million worth of shirts in a four-month period.

World Record T-shirts
World Record Tees
2011: A Broken Record

Sanath Bandara breaks the Guinness World Record for the “Most T-shirts Worn at Once” wearing 257.

Happy Birthday T-Shirt

So, Happy 100th Birthday to the T-shirt! You've given us some great memories. Who knows what the next 100 years will bring?!


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