Monday, March 18, 2013

Motorcycle Riding Apparel Safety Tips

Some of these motorcycle apparel safety tips may seem like common sense to some you folks but with spring coming, we thought we'd throw them out there anyway just as a reminder.

Top 10 Riding Apparel Safety Tips
1.   In the rain, wear breathable waterproof fabric
2.   Wear durable protective clothing made from such things as leather
3.   Do not wear loose fitting clothing that could catch in the parts of your motorcycle and keep long hair tied back with a bandana or hair scarf.
4.   Wear gloves that have traction on the palms
5.   Wear leather boots that support your ankles
6.   Wear sunglasses during the day and clear lenses at night
7.   Remove any jewelry that could get tangled in your motorcycle while riding
8.   Wear heavy denim or leather riding pants or chaps
9.   Wear protective leather jacket
10.  Wear a DOT helmet 

motorcycle gear
Bare chest, shorts & flip flops. Hmm...

** NOTICE: Double D Cycles is an avid believer in personal freedom and choice and is not advocating mandatory motorcycle gear in any way. We believe that the choice is up to each individual rider whether or not you wear specific motorcycle gear. We are merely offering up these tips for those of you who choose to do so. Please ride smart.


  1. I remember when I first started riding. Hot day. Bike Fest. Riding with 2 of my girlfriends. Hot Hot Hot. They said "no wonder you are hot you are all covered up" "take your jacket and gloves off". So I did. Next thing I knew I had someone come at me wildly, on the gravel, in his truck... I dumped the bike, right in front of the HD booth. LOL! I still have the road rash on my upper arm and my hand was bleeding for the rest of the day. Humiliated and road rashed, I swore I would NEVER NEVER NEVER ride without basic protection again. Lessoned learned here.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story KT!

      I go a little lighter on the gear than you do. I don't usually wear a helmet but I'm willing to take that risk. Every once in a while though, I see someone like the guy in the above picture wearing shorts and flip-flops on his feet and really don't understand.

  2. I can't imagine not wearing a helmet. I have known several people that without a helmet would be dead, including my father. I actually watched a guy die after he rolled his ATV and smacked his head on the trail. Died within 3 minutes. He was only doing about 20 MPH when he crashed. If he'd been wearing a DOT helmet there is no way he would have died and left his children fatherless. At worst he would of had a concussion. Pavement/Trail VS. unprotected head... the winner is clear.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to give your two cents!
      While I respect everyone's choice to wear a helmet or other gear, I also strongly believe in the personal freedom and choice to not wear something as well. I don't really like the government starting to mandate what we have to wear, where we can ride or whether or not we can fix our own motorcycles.

      Just a differing opinion and my two cents worth but that's partly what makes this country so great! Thanks again!

      ~ "D-Day"